Beam Span Calculator

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Select the species of wood you will be using. Each species has its own unique physical characteritics and properties which in turn affect its ability to span distances. Generally the softer the wood, the shorter distance it can span and the greater its dimensions must be in order to span an identical distance compared to a harder wood.

Select the type of beam you wish to use. Beams can be made of multiple dimensional boards laminated together using glue and fasteners or they can be solid timber.

Select the maximum joist span you will use. The value you select must be equal to or less than the maximum joist span that was calculated for you in the Joist Span Calculator.

So for example, if the joist span calculator told you your joists could span up to 6'-6" you would select 6' because the next option is 8' and 6'-6" is less than 8'.

Joist Span Calculator